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Thursday, May 8, 2008

3 sports is not better than 1..NYTimes Today

Interesting article about triathletes. I do tri's and find that I don't really excel at them. This articles explains why. Could it be the reason for my godawful performance on Saturday?

Mooseman Olympic distance June 7th! Kristine "The Greyhound" Riisberg and I will be there not excelling but having an excellent time cross-training!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brooklyn Half-Marathon

So, first of all, I know it is said that the Brooklyn Half is many people's favorite race because it is so flat that many have their PR(personal record or something...). I am here to tell you it is not true. I hate to be a complainer, but my race sucked! It might have actually been my PW(personal worst)! Besides the cold, the boardwalk was a death trap, although it was fun to see Astroland. I saw at least 3 people trip and wipe out before the first mile was out! Secondly, who wants to run on Ocean Parkway for almost 9 miles? Nothing to see people. However, if I had run well, it would have been awesome!

On the less snarky, less "i sucked therefore I will now be bitter" side, we had a great group of Joe team members! It was our biggest turnout for a race AND our biggest race as a team! There! Now I feel better!

We rented 2 vans, which was a luxury, and had some Joe coffee and bagels at Joe beforehand.

At the finish of the race, we all cheered each other on! No Team Joe member left behind!

Good work guys!