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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Team Joe Dekalb Market Sundays

We just opened a new "store", more like a pop-up for a few years, in Downtown Brooklyn. The concept is a Market, called Dekalb Market. During the week, it provides some services that are lacking, like coffee, lunch places and fun shops. It has lots of shaded picnic tables, a DJ, an organic farm, a beer garden, and on weekends, also plenty of Flea Market stalls.

The "stores" are within repurposed shipping containers, outfitted by each business owner to reflect his/her style.

Joe's container sits sext to the entrance by the subway entrance off Willoughby. We'll be open for coffee business 7 days a week. Monday-Friday at 8AM and weekends at 9AM, serving the same delicious treats at the other 6 shops.

The important thing to note about Dekalb is that because of the proximity of the market to my apartment in Brooklyn Heights, we will be moving our Sunday runs from the Columbus Avenue store to Brooklyn! Yay!

Still 9:30 AM, 10 AM in the Fall. Drinks are still free, but please tip.

The route is a straight shot down Flatbush to Prospect Park, around and back..6.5 miles. It's uphill there, but thankfully what goes up must come down on the way back.

I hope to see some new faces there this and every Sunday!