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Monday, May 24, 2010

The NYTimes Wedding Story

This has to be the best non-traditional wedding photo ever. It really captures exactly the spirit of our wedding. Even more importantly, my arms look super buff.

If you want to read the story and see the pics, click on the link below.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Joester Kelly sprinting in to finish Leg 9 of the 185-mile NY Ragnar Relay from Woodstock to Dobb's Ferry:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coffee Cantata

It's finally happened! I get to sing about coffee!

Bach's Cantata No. 211 satirizes the
alarming popularity of coffee in 18th century Leipzig. Coffee is still alarmingly popular, and Bach's music has withstood the test of time. NYMVAE presents this staged version paired with a contemporary opera The Art of Eating, by Jeffery Leppendorf.

I (Mary Thorne) sing performances May 21 & 23, and fellow Team Joe member Elizabeth Munn sings performances May 20 & 22.

Thursday-Saturday, May 20-22, 8pm
Sunday, May 23, 3pm

The Bernie West Theater
Baruch Performing Arts Center
17 Lexington Avenue (between 21/22 Streets)
9th Floor

Free Coffee = LOVE

After about 4 years I'm finally convinced that free coffee can lead to love. It was that small sign at Joe Waverly that got me, it that read "Joe Saturday runs and free coffee to follow".

I’m Lysa, Gabby’s running partner, travel companion and best friend. Even from that first day we met years ago, I knew s he was the one for me. The one who could convince me to order steamed veges over fried food, the one who convinced me to run through rain and snow because it was ‘good for us’, and the one who always sees the good in people. She saw that in me, the girl who wanted to run better and earn that iced vanilla latte.

Over years of Saturday runs followed by brunch with the girls, a movie and shopping, one of those 'girls' became much more. I am so amazed at how Anthony went from being just another Joe Runner to the love of Gabby's life. I truly saw their love grow from being each others running partners, to best friends, to soul mates. I'm blessed to not only have witnessed all this, but be a part of it. I now have a best friend who always gives me free coffee, with or without a run. I'm also lucky to have Anthony in my life, my new best friend who no matter how many times I ask, is willing to meet for a burger and beer ;-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy to Serve You

It's been a hard few weeks for fans of local icons. First we lost Alberto Arroyo, aka, the self-proclaimed Mayor of Central Park and Reservoir Running Dog. On Thursday, it was Leslie Buck, aka Laszlo Buch.

Unlike Arroyo, Mr Buck's face would not have been recognized by many New Yorkers. He wasn't, to my knowledge, a runner. And he didn't even live in the city. But though anonymous, his contribution to NYC culture is so widespread it's hard to imagine the city without him. He was the creator of what is perhaps the most potent symbol of the city: the blue and white coffee cup. It's a testament to how powerful an icon the cup is that despite the fact that Starbucks cups now outnumber the "Anthora" (yes, the cup does have a proper name) roughly 6 million to 1, it's the blue-and-white Anthora that movie directors and Law & Order prop scouts flash in front of the screen when they want to signal an authentic New York attitude. The Anthora—which was introduced in 1960—is the granddaddy of to-go caffeination, a beloved if slightly old-fashioned relic among younger, spiffier receptacles such as the ones we quaff our excellent (and - thanks Gabby! - free) coffees from each week post-run.

Here's something I love about this story: Mr. Buck wasn't a graphic designer. He actually worked for the cup company. Having worked with many designers in my career - some that were legends; none that took design lightly - it definitely made me giggle to think that this iconic artifact was conceived an executed not by a creative professional but by a guy in sales. Vignelli*, eat your heart out.

I'm also tickled by the fact that this monolithic local icon carried on it a phrase most would not associate with NYC: "We are Happy to Serve You."

Fierce loyalty, surprising twists. "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" attitude. That's New York in a nutsh--er, disposable coffee cup.

*From Wikipedia:

Massimo Vignelli (born 1931 in Milan, Italy) is a designer who has done work in a number of areas ranging from package design to furniture design to public signage to showroom design. He has said, "If you can design one thing, you can design everything," and this is reflected in his broad range of work.[3]

1957 to 1960, Vignelli visited America on a fellowship, and returned to New York in 1966 to start the New York branch of a new company, Unimark International, which quickly became, both in scope and in sheer number of personnel, one of the largest design firms in the world. The firm went on to design many of the world's most recognizable corporate identities, including that of American Airlines (which forced him to incorporate the eagle, Massimo is always quick to point out). Vignelli also designed the iconic signage for the New York City Subway system during this period.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Running In Buenos Aires

Usually when I travel I do loads of research about everything. I make a plan of action for each day. I never want to miss anything, especially if it includes munching. However, this time around I was too busy planning a certain party which involved getting hitched. It was a big project which barely left time for going to work, running, and staying sane.

That said, Anthony and I only planned the following for our honeymoon: 1. flights 2. Hotel Home (amazing!) 3. 1-day culinary tour (yesterday...still full and hung over from that lunch) and 4. San Telmo on Sunday for the antique market.

We did bring our Asics, however, with a loose plan to jog at some point. As we prepared to hit the airport, we realised we were both getting a cold. It was a full-blown mess by the time we touched down in BA. When we got to Home, we went right to bed. At 12p.m. We barely got ourselves out of bed for a measly hour before hitting the sack again for 12 hours. Some newlyweds spend whold days in bed, but I can assure it's not blowing their noses and popping cold meds.

Luckily, 3 days in, we are starting to feel better, and decided to pound pavement for an hour or so this morning. We ran with only a map and matching rings. We found a park much like Central Park, but only about 1 mile around. Lots of runners, a small lake with boats..we felt very much at home. We also saw at least 2 casual running teams. They looked a lot like Team Joe.

When we returned to our hotel, just in time for the amazing breakfast, of course, and feeling much better, we had a renewed energy. Although we still don't have much of a plan, we are ready for the adventures of the day.

It's just like I always say: running is a cure-all...except for bone spurs, that is.