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Friday, August 27, 2010

Red Hook: Off The Hook!

Baked. Yum.
Seriously. The view at the end of the road.

Red Hook. I love you.

How has it taken me 15 years to discover you? You are a natural beauty, only wearing few adornments. Your streets are cobbled, your history is long. Verily, few people come to you as tourists or in Jimmy Choos looking for action. I never really understood what obsession was until I was sent by chance to your shores.

Red Hook, how I love to caress your cobbles with my Asics. Your streets are flat and empty. To get to the end of your limbs takes only 20 minutes from my home. To you I run with a full heart, sick of Chain Stores and in need of the freshness of businesses like Baked, The Good Fork, The Dry Dock, Hope and Anchor, and other lovelies with a nautical theme.

May you never get a subway which would destroy your isolated charm.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Streets Make Me Feel Fine

Go for giving the streets to the people! I was honestly a little ferklempt by it all. The beautiful city streets, the skyline, the water stations, the volunteers and the free hugs. It felt like a cheesy utopian movie. Take me with a grain of salt because I also get ferklempt during tv commercials.

Anyway, Anthony and I ran from home, over the Brooklyn Bridge which never loses its shine, and took Summer Streets to Waverly where we picked up folks and continued up Lafayette to Park and all the way to the end at 72nd street. Then, we doubled back to Grand Central to Joe for a Granita.

Next Saturday, I encourage you to take to the streets. Meet us at Waverly at 9:30AM and experience Utopia for yourselves.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday's post-run tally

Shoes: three Brooks, two Asics and one Nike (you rebel, Chris).
Drinks: four iced coffees, one granita, and one small latte. Because I think the latte art is pretty.
Miles run: five at five miles, and one at six. The NYRR Long Training Run was going on, so we passed lots of people who were running twenty miles this morning.