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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

David Graham Photography Show at Chelsea

These are a few of David's vibrant photos. The colors are radiant and the subjest matters very interesting. I love the juxtapositions among his work. Come to Chelsea Joe and see them in person. They are for sale, framed or unframed through the artist. As always, Joe does not take a commission; we are just honored to have great local art.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Knocked up...and still running..well, jog-waddling..

In case you missed the Facebook announcement last week, I, president of Team Joe (what a laugh! Nobody voted me in!) am now going to be brining up the rear in the team Joe jogs..for a while.

Although I don't feel or look all that pregnant yet, I sure feel it when I try to lift both feet off the ground at the same time. My pace has plummeted from a 9 munite mile to about an 11+ minute mile and I am still huffing a little bit. Does this bother me at all? Nah...just so long as I am still running.

Tried biking today at the gym: Level 3 instead of the usual Level 9 was tough!

If anyone has any insight, empathy or bad advice, please comment!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Team Joe Dekalb Market Sundays

We just opened a new "store", more like a pop-up for a few years, in Downtown Brooklyn. The concept is a Market, called Dekalb Market. During the week, it provides some services that are lacking, like coffee, lunch places and fun shops. It has lots of shaded picnic tables, a DJ, an organic farm, a beer garden, and on weekends, also plenty of Flea Market stalls.

The "stores" are within repurposed shipping containers, outfitted by each business owner to reflect his/her style.

Joe's container sits sext to the entrance by the subway entrance off Willoughby. We'll be open for coffee business 7 days a week. Monday-Friday at 8AM and weekends at 9AM, serving the same delicious treats at the other 6 shops.

The important thing to note about Dekalb is that because of the proximity of the market to my apartment in Brooklyn Heights, we will be moving our Sunday runs from the Columbus Avenue store to Brooklyn! Yay!

Still 9:30 AM, 10 AM in the Fall. Drinks are still free, but please tip.

The route is a straight shot down Flatbush to Prospect Park, around and back..6.5 miles. It's uphill there, but thankfully what goes up must come down on the way back.

I hope to see some new faces there this and every Sunday!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running New Routes

I know I sound like a member of a cult with all the repetition about how much I love living in Brooklyn, but I love living in Brooklyn!! Everyone should live here.

That being said, it took me a while to get into a rhythm with finding new running routes. Running an living in the city, it was always the same routes. For 10 years I lived on the UWS and ran Central Park every day. Then I lived in mid-town and also ran Central Park, but from Columbus Circle, which actually made it seem a little different.

Then I was living in Chelsea and SoHo pre-marriage. I started running on the west side highway. Seeing the Hudson River and the statue of liberty took my breath away and rarely got dull, though the winter winds were fierce.

When I moved to Brooklyn, I didn't think the running would be so great. There was no park nearby, just the BQE and Red Hook. We were 2 miles from Prospect Park.

The first Summer in Brooklyn, I would run to Fairway/Ikea in Red Hook and back. That was 4 miles of really interesting, industrial road. If you have never been out to Fairway, it sits on the very end of the road on the edge of the water. Old train cars sleep forever behind the old warehouse that is now Fairway. It's really cool.

Slowly, my husband and I began trying out other routes. We ran to the brooklyn Bridge, over and back, also about 4 miles with the most spectacular views. Other times we would run to and around Prospect Park and back, almost 8 miles. Now on Saturdays we often run over the Brooklyn Bridge to Waverly place for the Team Joe runs that we tack on for a 9 1/2 miler.

I just now came across this other blog that's just abour running in Brooklyn. I guess I am not alone in my romance with the greatest of Boroughs!

Hey -if anyone ever wants a tour of Brooklyn in their Asics/Sauconys/Brooks, I can take you on a great one!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook killed the Blogspot Star.

So sad. I am such a fair-weather friend. When I needed to start a blog, Blogger was there for me. Now I am always posting on Facebook. I need to spend some time here. Relationships take work.

Sadly, not much is going on in my running blogosphere. I got new shoes. They're Asics 7 Wide. Apparently my feet are expanding.

The west side highway continues to be worked on, which is nice.

The water fountain at Christopher Street has a weak pressure. Almost had to lick the spout.

Team Joe has the sexiest women around. Where are all the single men for them?

Christopher Stephens will be on Jeopardy July 11. He's super smart. And he runs a lot.

These are my thoughts about running these days. I will work on it. Maybe if I do Tuesday's crossword, my brain will start simmering with new thought.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Find Team Joe on Facebook

Be sure to check out the new and improved Facebook group. Go to and click the "Ask to Join Group" button on the upper right to join!

The "old" Facebook group is being phased out, so please join the new group for the latest updates. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't offer a way to automatically convert the old group to the new group. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running, Coffee and Jeopardy!

A few weeks ago I headed out to California to appear on a game show. But that's not the important part of the story.

I was scheduled to tape the show on a Tuesday, and rather than flying out the day before and risk that my flight would get delayed, cancelled, or otherwise messed with by winter weather, I opted to build in an extra day. Who wouldn't want to spend an extra day in Los Angeles, right? Early on in the planning of the trip, I also decided that I wasn't going to rent a car. While LA without wheels might seem like heresy, of at least a bad idea, I saw it as a challenge. Also, I find driving in LA to be far more stressful than driving in other parts of the country, and the last thing I wanted the day before appearing on national TV was more stress. I e-mailed some locals about renting a bike, but the logistics didn't seem too favorable, as there was nowhere near the hotel (where I happily asked for the "Jeopardy contestant rate, please") for me to rent a bike.

I also e-mailed Caitlin, a fellow Team Joe runner who spends a good deal of time in California each spring. I asked her for any suggestions for running routes, and she enthusiastically recommended I run in Santa Monica. A few Google Map searches later, I had found the surprisingly comprehensive bus routes that would take me from my hotel in Culver City to the start of her running route.

Having packed my running gear (as well as some flashcards about the US States and Presidents - gotta get that last-minute studying in), I left cold, rainy, dismal late-winter New York for LAX, where I was disappointed to learn that the weather was to be unseasonably chilly. Turns out that the weather forecasters were wrong. I woke up on Monday morning to blue skies, a slight breeze, and temperatures in the low sixties. I put on my running shoes, hopped on the Culver City bus, transferred to the Santa Monica bus ($1.40 with transfer - a bargain!), and soon I was at the shore.

I walked along the manicured space that is Palisades Park to San Vicente and started my run, admiring the real estate as it moved from multi-million dollar apartments to multi-multi-million dollar homes. Caitlin had suggested I run the four miles to the Peet's Coffee in Brentwood, where I might spot the likes of Reese Witherspoon and whomever she was dating at the time. While Reese was nowhere to be seen, I took my latte outside. At the next table, a Brit was telling his table-mate about "some horrible Harrison Ford project". Pronouncing it "PRO-ject" rather than "PRAH-ject" made the moment perfect. The latte was fine, but not up to Joe standards, of course. Observe the lack of latte art:

I started back towards the shore, spotting actor James Frain (True Blood! The Tudors!) eating lunch outside the Whole Foods, not as exciting a celebrity spotting as Reese, but good enough. As I picked up my pace, I realized the best part of this experience was not just the exercise or the scenery or even the weather. It was the luxurious feeling of going running in the middle of a work day. I was not the only runner out there, and I did wonder what these other folks were doing not behind a desk. Actors between auditions? Housewives, desperate or otherwise? Don't these folks have jobs to go to? All the same, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my free time. I got back to the beach, crossed over the highway and made my way to Venice and Marina del Rey to catch the 183 bus to Culver City, where I could not have been more relaxed and ready to do battle the next day.

As for the game show, I can't say much, as I had to sign something that said Sony Pictures Entertainment retained the right to have their legal department crush me like a small bug if I revealed anything. I think I'm safe in saying that yes, they had (adequate) coffee (and pastries!) in the green room and that there was one category of clues that would be of particular interest to the readership of this blog. For more than that, you'll have to tune in on Monday July 11 (on Channel 7 at 7pm, if you're in New York).

And, finally, one last gratuitous palm tree shot. Because LA really does look like this sometimes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I saw Daffodils and Sprouting Trees!!

I sucked it up last weekend and ran both days! I have been lax, especially about the Sunday run at it-takes-me-an-hour-to-get-there Columbus Ave. Luckily we got a ride, so it was quick and painless!

We'd had a couple warm days, so the trees were sprouting, the earth rising and stretching, yawning and sleepy. Spring!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

As an alternative to the NYC Half and in celebration of another 30-something birthday I will be running the 1st Annual Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon.
March 26, 9:30am
It's a short Metro-North train ride, but a world away. I do fear I will have to run a few more hills than I'm used to.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Who goes running in the cold?

Turns out, lots of people.

On Saturday I ventured downtown to Joe on Waverly ("Where Team Joe Began"). Although the temperatures were frigid, we had six runners, including Nico (from France by way of Vancouver), Marco (from Italy by way of Hoboken) and four of us ordinary vanilla Americans. The wind off the river was, er, bracing, but we made good time. Partly because Nico is really fast, and mostly because we wanted to get back to the warmth of Joe for coffee.

I followed up on Sunday at Joe on Columbus. Such a crowd! Gabby and Anthony, naturally, Simon (who just became a US citizen - congrats!) and Carly, their friend Evan (training for a marathon in Death Valley, which strikes me as a very bad idea - any race with "death" in the name??) Noah and Hannah (investigative reporter, wrestling coach and doula all rolled into one), and Laura, who is getting back to running after producing the adorable Maisie a few months ago. Maisie did not appear after the run, as she was helping her father watch a football match. After the run, I opted for a macchiato. Why haven't I been drinking these all the time? They're delicious!

So, the moral of the story is that even on a cold January long weekend, there are still plenty of people who are getting out of bed and running on the weekend. No excuses, people. No excuses. That delicious coffee won't drink itself.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Breaking the Cold Barrier

Yesterday started out with a little sleep-in. That meant 8:30, so not completely lazy, but an hour and a half later than weekday wakings. Anthony and I had wavered about running uptown and after checking the weather for Sunday, had had decided maybe we'd skip. Nobody was going to show up with windchill in the teens.

At 9AM, I started getting antsy. We'd had our Chemex of coffee and oatmeal and ahead of us was a long day of CBS Sunday Morning, schlepping around Brooklyn Heights and to me, it seemed to be missing something.

Suddenly, I had the itch to run. With my people. I was almost afraid to broach the subject with Anthony, who looked very content in flannel PJs on the couch. Then I cracked. "I really want to go run Uptown today." "Ok", he said. Like hundreds of times before in the last 9 months, I knew I had married the right man.

We got to Joe Columbus at ten to 10. Shockingly, there were runners milling about outside. Some new faces as well as my dear friends Christopher Stephens, the passionate pie-baking judge; Laura Gwilliam, the Mommy of Maisy, about 3 months, and who works for Balvenie Scotch(score!), and who is Scotch herself; Hana, who went to my Alma Mater, McGill, studied languages, wrestled Olympic level, sings in an a cappella choir and is a doula; Noah, a classical pianist at Mannes, and a few more. Basically, we were a cross section of New York. A melting pot of countries, backgrounds, interesting jobs and differing ages, brought together by a mutual love of running and coffee.

Great conversations ensued and nobody seemed to notice to frigid air. I was really happy we went running with Team Joe. I now have a renewed enjoyment of Winter running that I thought I'd lost.