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Friday, January 21, 2011

Who goes running in the cold?

Turns out, lots of people.

On Saturday I ventured downtown to Joe on Waverly ("Where Team Joe Began"). Although the temperatures were frigid, we had six runners, including Nico (from France by way of Vancouver), Marco (from Italy by way of Hoboken) and four of us ordinary vanilla Americans. The wind off the river was, er, bracing, but we made good time. Partly because Nico is really fast, and mostly because we wanted to get back to the warmth of Joe for coffee.

I followed up on Sunday at Joe on Columbus. Such a crowd! Gabby and Anthony, naturally, Simon (who just became a US citizen - congrats!) and Carly, their friend Evan (training for a marathon in Death Valley, which strikes me as a very bad idea - any race with "death" in the name??) Noah and Hannah (investigative reporter, wrestling coach and doula all rolled into one), and Laura, who is getting back to running after producing the adorable Maisie a few months ago. Maisie did not appear after the run, as she was helping her father watch a football match. After the run, I opted for a macchiato. Why haven't I been drinking these all the time? They're delicious!

So, the moral of the story is that even on a cold January long weekend, there are still plenty of people who are getting out of bed and running on the weekend. No excuses, people. No excuses. That delicious coffee won't drink itself.

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Matteo said...

Ehm, Matteo...not Marco. Not that really matter, at those temperatures we are just all brothers in run&coffee..