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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running New Routes

I know I sound like a member of a cult with all the repetition about how much I love living in Brooklyn, but I love living in Brooklyn!! Everyone should live here.

That being said, it took me a while to get into a rhythm with finding new running routes. Running an living in the city, it was always the same routes. For 10 years I lived on the UWS and ran Central Park every day. Then I lived in mid-town and also ran Central Park, but from Columbus Circle, which actually made it seem a little different.

Then I was living in Chelsea and SoHo pre-marriage. I started running on the west side highway. Seeing the Hudson River and the statue of liberty took my breath away and rarely got dull, though the winter winds were fierce.

When I moved to Brooklyn, I didn't think the running would be so great. There was no park nearby, just the BQE and Red Hook. We were 2 miles from Prospect Park.

The first Summer in Brooklyn, I would run to Fairway/Ikea in Red Hook and back. That was 4 miles of really interesting, industrial road. If you have never been out to Fairway, it sits on the very end of the road on the edge of the water. Old train cars sleep forever behind the old warehouse that is now Fairway. It's really cool.

Slowly, my husband and I began trying out other routes. We ran to the brooklyn Bridge, over and back, also about 4 miles with the most spectacular views. Other times we would run to and around Prospect Park and back, almost 8 miles. Now on Saturdays we often run over the Brooklyn Bridge to Waverly place for the Team Joe runs that we tack on for a 9 1/2 miler.

I just now came across this other blog that's just abour running in Brooklyn. I guess I am not alone in my romance with the greatest of Boroughs!

Hey -if anyone ever wants a tour of Brooklyn in their Asics/Sauconys/Brooks, I can take you on a great one!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook killed the Blogspot Star.

So sad. I am such a fair-weather friend. When I needed to start a blog, Blogger was there for me. Now I am always posting on Facebook. I need to spend some time here. Relationships take work.

Sadly, not much is going on in my running blogosphere. I got new shoes. They're Asics 7 Wide. Apparently my feet are expanding.

The west side highway continues to be worked on, which is nice.

The water fountain at Christopher Street has a weak pressure. Almost had to lick the spout.

Team Joe has the sexiest women around. Where are all the single men for them?

Christopher Stephens will be on Jeopardy July 11. He's super smart. And he runs a lot.

These are my thoughts about running these days. I will work on it. Maybe if I do Tuesday's crossword, my brain will start simmering with new thought.

I'll keep you posted.