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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post Marathon Lazies

I have to apologize for not writing since the Marathon. I guess after than much buildup, training, talking, finally completing, celebrating and healing, I just needed some space. It's not you, it's me. Really. You're a great guy, but...oops, wrong speech..

I have to say that the first week of November was of the the best weeks ever! 1. Ran and survived the Marathon, beat my goal time, had a great day, 2. Obama, and 3. Spain for a week, where I was no longer embarrassed to be American on foreign soil. In the old days, if traveling abroad, and someone asked me if I voted for Bush, I'd just say I was Canadian. Is that so wrong?

Anyway, I have been moderately running again, and I tell ya, I already cannot believe I could have run a Marathon only 6 weeks ago! Anyway, I promised my Mom I would retire from Marathon running, and a promise is a promise, so I am going back to halfs and tris. Already some of Team Joe will be running the 10 mile Cherry Blossom Festival Race in DC April 5th. Should be glorious! It sold out in about 2 hours! Wild! I also signed up for the NYC Triathlon again. Last year I missed out, but this year I waited up on October 31st till the church bells tolled midnight and signed up, scoring a spot. 22 minutes later, it was full, or so the rumors have it.

Today was a Team Joe run day. However, it was slushy, icy, treacherous! I cancelled the run in favor of brunch and a movie with some Team Joesters. In years past, I would have battled it out against the elements. Maybe Steve Bookman would have showed and we would have run around Washington Square Park about 50 times. But now it seems I've gone soft. I hope I haven't disappointed anyone. These days, the idea of sitting on a stationary bike, listening to Heartless Bastards or Grateful Dead and reading whatever recent sci-fi embarrassment for my intelligence I am reading sounds superfine to me! 

Somebody stop me!