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Thursday, June 24, 2010

shelter Island 10K

Diana, Tony C., Doc Danielle, Lysa Lee, and me in purple sports bra.

Shelter Island is heaven. Rolling hills, large old mansions that speak to a different, slower era in a more genteel world, and a very relaxed place. I, myself, am NOT genteel, slow or relaxed. However, for this one race, I decided to do a "when in Rome" and slow the heck down.

Firstly, I decided to run slower. What is the benefit of running fast in a race outside NYC that is NOT a qualifier (and even if it were, I am officially retired from Marathons anyway)? Plus, it is so beautiful there that it's a shame to miss the views of the water and the homes and a chance to chat up the locals as you are jogging by!

Now, I am going to share something with you, my readers - if you exist - that I probably shouldn't tell anyone. I drank my first mid-race beer! I didn't even slow down (further). Someone handed me a Coors Lite, and I made a split-second decision to take it. It was way tastier than it would normally be because I was thirsty. Thanks Guy Who Handed Me The Beer!

I hope this little blog entry will inspire you to the Shelter Island Race next year, and 2. do something crazy in the middle of your next race! We, runners, tend to be such goodie-goodies! We're generally nice, well-behaved people-people, squeaky clean tax-payers. Well, I say rebel once in a while! The best part is, whomever you piss off, you can probably outrun.

Deep thoughts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joe to the End of the Isle

Not run-related, but while Gabbs n' Tone were jogging relatively nearby at Shelter Island this weekend just gone, Team Joe were represented crosstrainingly on the Ride to Montauk by Judge Stephens and this Joeshirted lout:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Athlete's Palate Cookbook

Yesterday I found out some exciting news! A new cookbook just came out for athletes! Runner's World Magazine published a compilation of every Athlete's Palate column from every one of their mags since they started the column in 2004.

Inside there are amazing recipes that are delicious and healthy! Some of the chefs are celebrities like Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, Dan Barber, and my favorite cooking show reality star Gordon Ramsey. Other chefs are more regional. All of them are athletic, from Iron Men to 5K-ers.

I cannot believe this, but it's true. I hate to brag, but there is a 2-page spread of your very own Team Prez, me. heehee. I was as shocked as anyone! There're my recipe for Espresso Granita and for Cold Brew Iced Coffee.

If you want to buy a copy(I am telling you, it's awesome!), I'll be happy to sign it for you. Just don't email Gawker immediately after till I've left the building.

p.s. This weekend the runs start at 9:30 AM until the Fall.

Achilles Hope and Possibility Race

Achilles International and Trisha Melili (author of I Am the Central Park Jogger) would love if you join us at The Achilles Hope & Possibility 5 miler race.

ACHILLES Hope & Possibility – 5 miler

WHEN: Sunday June 27, 8:30am (regular start)

WHERE: Central Park – West 67th & west drive

If you needed any other reason to sign up for the GREATEST race in the world. There is another reason…
For the first time ever ACHILLES – Hope & Possibility is an ING New York City MARATHON – QUALIFIER!!!
You heard that right! This race will count as one of your 9 races for the marathon….

I, Gabby, your fearful leader, am running this race. Don't make me have to run it alone.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 1/2 Weeks Married

How does that affect my running, you may ask? I have no idea, but I do notice my mind thinks about different stuff now that I am not a Single Lady anymore. I realize that before, I would think about drama having to do with who I was dating, or not dating, where I was going to meet someone to date, interspersed with deep and meaningful thoughts, of course...I mean really!

But it's a little different now. Since I have no drama or complaints with my husband(at least for now, and hopefully not ever), I find the world of thought is now open unto me. I can now think deep thoughts the ENTIRE time I run. Mostly I think about who I can set up with whom, when the White Stripes will put out a new album or what I might cook for dinner.


Hey, I was brutally, and sometimes fabulously single for 36 years. As traumatic as that CAN be, it also gives you moments of wonderful fantasy and yearning that make you feel alive; that you know something's coming for you.

SINGLE LADIES out there, he's coming. For now, enjoy the deep thoughts, the fantasies, and the knowledge that the love of your life is out there. He's just jogging on a different path...until he runs into you.

Marathon Spots Available through Teenok Heart Foundation.

If you are interested, contact Marc Lessner at Marc is the founder of Big Heart Racing Team.

To see more about Teenok Heart Foundation, check out the Facebook page. They seem like very nice and fun individuals!