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Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 1/2 Weeks Married

How does that affect my running, you may ask? I have no idea, but I do notice my mind thinks about different stuff now that I am not a Single Lady anymore. I realize that before, I would think about drama having to do with who I was dating, or not dating, where I was going to meet someone to date, interspersed with deep and meaningful thoughts, of course...I mean really!

But it's a little different now. Since I have no drama or complaints with my husband(at least for now, and hopefully not ever), I find the world of thought is now open unto me. I can now think deep thoughts the ENTIRE time I run. Mostly I think about who I can set up with whom, when the White Stripes will put out a new album or what I might cook for dinner.


Hey, I was brutally, and sometimes fabulously single for 36 years. As traumatic as that CAN be, it also gives you moments of wonderful fantasy and yearning that make you feel alive; that you know something's coming for you.

SINGLE LADIES out there, he's coming. For now, enjoy the deep thoughts, the fantasies, and the knowledge that the love of your life is out there. He's just jogging on a different path...until he runs into you.