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Thursday, June 24, 2010

shelter Island 10K

Diana, Tony C., Doc Danielle, Lysa Lee, and me in purple sports bra.

Shelter Island is heaven. Rolling hills, large old mansions that speak to a different, slower era in a more genteel world, and a very relaxed place. I, myself, am NOT genteel, slow or relaxed. However, for this one race, I decided to do a "when in Rome" and slow the heck down.

Firstly, I decided to run slower. What is the benefit of running fast in a race outside NYC that is NOT a qualifier (and even if it were, I am officially retired from Marathons anyway)? Plus, it is so beautiful there that it's a shame to miss the views of the water and the homes and a chance to chat up the locals as you are jogging by!

Now, I am going to share something with you, my readers - if you exist - that I probably shouldn't tell anyone. I drank my first mid-race beer! I didn't even slow down (further). Someone handed me a Coors Lite, and I made a split-second decision to take it. It was way tastier than it would normally be because I was thirsty. Thanks Guy Who Handed Me The Beer!

I hope this little blog entry will inspire you to the Shelter Island Race next year, and 2. do something crazy in the middle of your next race! We, runners, tend to be such goodie-goodies! We're generally nice, well-behaved people-people, squeaky clean tax-payers. Well, I say rebel once in a while! The best part is, whomever you piss off, you can probably outrun.

Deep thoughts.

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