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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chemex 101. Because it's not all about running.


      1.        Grab Your 4 square Chemex Filter.  Fold into cone shape keeping 3 of the 4 folds in the front.


2.        Place the 3 folds side of the filter towards correct pouring end of the pot.



3.        With hot water wet the filter and the vessel with a few ounce of water.  This creates a better seal between the filter and the pot as well as pre-heat the vessel.


4.        Add your ground coffee beans.  2.2-2.4 grams of coffee per ounce of water.  Grind for Chemex setting with is more course then auto-drip but not as course as press pot.


5.        Add your correct amount of water preferably using these coffee specific kettles which create a perfect stream of water for better pouring control and insulate heat well.


6.        Add a few ounces of hot water into the center of the coffee grounds.


7.        Let the coffee blossom and let out some of it’s oxygen.  The bigger the bloom the fresher and higher quality the coffee.


8.        After letting the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds, start adding the rest of the hot water slowly.  Pour the water in a spiral motion starting from the center out towards the filter keeping the water from getting onto the side wall.  Work the water back from the outside in towards the center until all of the water is emptied from the kettle.


9.       The coffee should start flowing through the center of the cone.


10.     Watch the magic happen.


11.     Take out the filter.  Pour.

      12.  Enjoy!

-Rickie Hecht, Manager of Waverly Joe

Saturday, November 28, 2009

11/28 Waverley Joesters (all 3 of us) went long and bridgewards:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dreaded ITBS & the Lands of Badness

...and post-run at Waverley on Saturday, the topic of the dreaded IT band syndrome came up. Thought it might be useful to share my collated notes re. proactive stretches and drills given that I was out with ITB knack for all of March this year and spent a good chunk of time finding info. Pdf can be grabbed here. Includes the quadballer & foam roller stuff plus a set of core excercises that the 'experts' suggest can help prevent injury, not only to the ITB, but also calf, hamstring, etc.

Unrelated, this time last week, I was jogging a few miles through the Badlands in South Dakota. If you're ever out west and want to feel like you're running on the moon, I recommend heading into the semi-arid wastes:

The end of the world as we know it

After this morning's run from Joe Columbus, the conversation drifted, as it does, to the concept of magnetic north. I managed to stun some of my fellow runners with the news that eventually, perhaps even soon, magnetic north was going to shift to magnetic south, a switch that will be pretty chaotic and would probably make a good premise for a disaster movie a la "2012". This was met with a certain degree of skepticism, and to show you that I wasn't making this up, here's the link to the Wikipedia article that explains this phenomenon:

See, Gabby, this is what happens when you leave us on our own. We finish a beautiful 5-mile run in the park and end up talking about gloom-and-doom science. Come back soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

London Bound!

Not sure what that's all about, but I found it on the Hash House Harrier's website. It's the drinking and running club started in England. While I admire the sentiment so much, I prefer to drink coffee before a run instead than beer. Not that there's anything wrong with it - what could possibly go wrong when you mix alcohol and speed? - but I am a little old-fashioned and like to be wearing more clothes in respect to the booze.

So, Anthony and I are off to London for Thanksgiving week. Nothing says thank you to the Native Americans for teaching us to a hunt and plant then a pint of Guiness at the factory and a Nose to Tail meal at a local pub!

We'll definitely be running all that fat and beer off, so stay tuned for updates of running in Great Britain.

Team Joe runs are still on, so please run, drink the coffee free and tip the baristas!

I'll also be checking out the coffee scene, including Monmouth Coffee and Flat White.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Manage the Damage [11/19]:

Tomorrow night, Jackrabbit has a special free class on holiday nutrition. Joe coffee will be served as well!

Have you ever longed to take a nutrition class where they told you it was ok to  eat dessert and mashed potatoes?  Then come to our holiday food workshop, where  we cover "healthier" alternatives to traditional holiday cuisine.  Learn about  ingredient substitutions you can make without sacrificing flavor, and which  desserts top our "wholesome" list (and maybe even allow for seconds)! Thursday,  November 19th, 6:30-8pm, Union Square Store. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


If you are up early this Saturday, and the following 5 weeks, come by the ASICS store on 42 street!

Whether you’re training or looking to get in shape this season, it’s time to lace up and join us at ASICS Fun Run NYC. Runners of all levels meet to run 3.5 miles at your pace.

It’s free, fun and a great way to meet other runners! Come join us on Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM, followed by post-run refreshments and so much more!

Sign up is required: