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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Running for Two

This woman with child has a one-track mind. Runnning, not chocolate.

Yes, I am very lucky to be able to have gotten to 7 months and to still be able to run. I am taking it day by day, and this could end at any moment. I know that the most important thing I do is to have a healthy baby, not to be Paula Radcliffe, my personal running hero.

Every Saturday when I show up for the Team Joe run, invariably people ask me, "you're not still running, are you?" Well, heck yeah, I am! The more I read about exercize and pregnancy, more I find out that it's great for the baby as well as for me, will supposedly make giving birth easier, and most importantly, hopefully shows people that pregnant is not a sickness or a weakness.

I do still want your subway seat though...and maybe an extra cookie.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rave Run!

This Sunday, January 8th, 9AM, we will run rave through the streets of NYC, from Joe to Joe (to Joe to Joe to Joe to Joe), so 6 in total, in case you got lost after counting to 3.

Starting at Chelsea Joe, we'll run to Waverly, up to 13th street, all the way up to Grand Central, up and across the park to Upper West Side, and then back across the the new store on Lexington and 74/75 for bagels, coffee and mimosas! It's 9 miles in total, but you could always stop at GCT with me and meet up at Joe Lex, or just run straight up to Lex.

All are welcome. I will, myself, be running at least till the GCT store.

Speaking of, I am still running. Now am almost 6 1/2 months pregnant. It can be done. I may get some funny looks, but I will go as long as I can. The baby (TBA) seems to enjoy the circus-arts in my belly.

Any of you out there knocked up and jogging or have in the past??

Cheers. I hope to see a few of you Sunday!