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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Streets Make Me Feel Fine

Go for giving the streets to the people! I was honestly a little ferklempt by it all. The beautiful city streets, the skyline, the water stations, the volunteers and the free hugs. It felt like a cheesy utopian movie. Take me with a grain of salt because I also get ferklempt during tv commercials.

Anyway, Anthony and I ran from home, over the Brooklyn Bridge which never loses its shine, and took Summer Streets to Waverly where we picked up folks and continued up Lafayette to Park and all the way to the end at 72nd street. Then, we doubled back to Grand Central to Joe for a Granita.

Next Saturday, I encourage you to take to the streets. Meet us at Waverly at 9:30AM and experience Utopia for yourselves.


Peter Schnell said...

this is Meritxell and Peter from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
Could we join you next Saturday (August 28)?
And obviously we would like to taste your coffee! We have read about JOE THE ART OF COFFEE in an NEW YORK TIMES article.

Meritxell and Peter

Peter Schnell said...

Sorry, my email address is: