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Friday, August 27, 2010

Red Hook: Off The Hook!

Baked. Yum.
Seriously. The view at the end of the road.

Red Hook. I love you.

How has it taken me 15 years to discover you? You are a natural beauty, only wearing few adornments. Your streets are cobbled, your history is long. Verily, few people come to you as tourists or in Jimmy Choos looking for action. I never really understood what obsession was until I was sent by chance to your shores.

Red Hook, how I love to caress your cobbles with my Asics. Your streets are flat and empty. To get to the end of your limbs takes only 20 minutes from my home. To you I run with a full heart, sick of Chain Stores and in need of the freshness of businesses like Baked, The Good Fork, The Dry Dock, Hope and Anchor, and other lovelies with a nautical theme.

May you never get a subway which would destroy your isolated charm.

1 comment:

Lysa Lee in NYC said...

Look hard enough and you can see dead bodies buried all around that hidden gem ;-)