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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Running In Buenos Aires

Usually when I travel I do loads of research about everything. I make a plan of action for each day. I never want to miss anything, especially if it includes munching. However, this time around I was too busy planning a certain party which involved getting hitched. It was a big project which barely left time for going to work, running, and staying sane.

That said, Anthony and I only planned the following for our honeymoon: 1. flights 2. Hotel Home (amazing!) 3. 1-day culinary tour (yesterday...still full and hung over from that lunch) and 4. San Telmo on Sunday for the antique market.

We did bring our Asics, however, with a loose plan to jog at some point. As we prepared to hit the airport, we realised we were both getting a cold. It was a full-blown mess by the time we touched down in BA. When we got to Home, we went right to bed. At 12p.m. We barely got ourselves out of bed for a measly hour before hitting the sack again for 12 hours. Some newlyweds spend whold days in bed, but I can assure it's not blowing their noses and popping cold meds.

Luckily, 3 days in, we are starting to feel better, and decided to pound pavement for an hour or so this morning. We ran with only a map and matching rings. We found a park much like Central Park, but only about 1 mile around. Lots of runners, a small lake with boats..we felt very much at home. We also saw at least 2 casual running teams. They looked a lot like Team Joe.

When we returned to our hotel, just in time for the amazing breakfast, of course, and feeling much better, we had a renewed energy. Although we still don't have much of a plan, we are ready for the adventures of the day.

It's just like I always say: running is a cure-all...except for bone spurs, that is.


Vamos said...

Your run sounds like you found the Parks of Palermo. Heading away from the lakes are lots of running trails leading through the rare green regions of Buenos Aires.
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Buenos Aires Running said...

Vamos is correct! Another great place for running is the Ecological Reserve in Puerto Madero. When it closes, Puerto Madero itself is an excellent area to run... even at night! I wouldn't recommend running at night in the Bosques de Palermo, as it becomes a hookup spot for the local working "gals."