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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Coffee = LOVE

After about 4 years I'm finally convinced that free coffee can lead to love. It was that small sign at Joe Waverly that got me, it that read "Joe Saturday runs and free coffee to follow".

I’m Lysa, Gabby’s running partner, travel companion and best friend. Even from that first day we met years ago, I knew s he was the one for me. The one who could convince me to order steamed veges over fried food, the one who convinced me to run through rain and snow because it was ‘good for us’, and the one who always sees the good in people. She saw that in me, the girl who wanted to run better and earn that iced vanilla latte.

Over years of Saturday runs followed by brunch with the girls, a movie and shopping, one of those 'girls' became much more. I am so amazed at how Anthony went from being just another Joe Runner to the love of Gabby's life. I truly saw their love grow from being each others running partners, to best friends, to soul mates. I'm blessed to not only have witnessed all this, but be a part of it. I now have a best friend who always gives me free coffee, with or without a run. I'm also lucky to have Anthony in my life, my new best friend who no matter how many times I ask, is willing to meet for a burger and beer ;-)

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