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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today's Run

Today was beautiful outside! We had a lovely bunch of runners, new and "old"! Congrats to those who ran the 10k today and got to splash in Lasker Pool!

So, as I was riding my 23 year old steel bike today, wistfully remembering all the good runs we've had together, a funny thing happened...well, it probably wasn't so funny to the kid. Is this my fault? I'll let you decide. I was trying to pass a father and son, son aged about 5-7. I gently but audibly called out "on your left" seemingly causing the kid to get nervous and start veering all over the road, riding into a pedestrian. The pedestrian started yelling at the kid, by which time I was making a run for it, so to speak. I felt kind of guilty, knowing that this will not only ruin the kid's day, but probably be a memory that gives the kid fodder for a lifetime of therapy. Sorry kid.

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Anonymous said...

carry joe cards( Free )to all you run down... sorry, almost run down ... if the kid doesn't drink coffee, his shrink will enjoy a great cuppa joe