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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great news from Dr. Klion!

Yesterday I limped over to Dr.Klion, a sports/orthopedic doctor that Anthony sent me to. I was apprehensive about the diagnosis, especially in regards to my need to exercise. When I entered the little room, I saw that Dr. K had all sorts of pictures of himself finishing Iron Mans and Marathons. I was duly impressed and knew that an athlete like him would never tell a fellow athlete not to work out unless things were truly terrible.

After having me move my foot in circles, do heel raises and squats, he told me that it was looking good and that I could absolutely resume working out, but maybe wait a couple more weeks for a run, letting pain be my guide. Of course, as stubborn as I am (Ox & Taurus), I'll probably be pretty lax with admitting I have pain.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Klion performed my ACL reconstruction in 2001 and I can't recommend him more. I felt confident in his knowledge and abilities in sports medicine and surgery when I saw those pictures of him in the Iron Man competition, too!!