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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thanks for stopping by...from Billings!

This is awesome! Dave came all the way from Billings, Montana to run with Joe! Couldn't get a free coffee anywhere else? Geez!

Check out the attached link to Run Montana. Maybe it's time for a field trip to Billings! Dave won't mind if we all crash on his floor...right, Dave?

Thanks, Dave! He's a super runner and he also does Triathlons! Dave is now my hero! Dave is the second person to run with us on his trip to the big bad city!

We also have some other nice new folks. Unfortunately I am poor with names, but I ran with a Chrissy, a Lori, and a Ole...sorry to the other new folk who's names escape me. It's not you, it's me and the aluminum in my deoderant.

The weather has been great for running! I say we start up once every other week evening runs from my apartment in midtown. If anyone's interested, write me on my e-mail.

As for Stone Barns, I think it isn't worth the trip in the end. It's a schlepp and then there's not as much to do and see and eat as I had hoped. I'll look into some other ideas. Anyone up for a Club Happy Hour?

Yes, my blog today is very ADHD.


1 comment:

Laren said...

I loooove happy hour! Can I still come even though I've been lamer than lame about running?