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Thursday, November 1, 2007

San Francisco

I've really been remiss in keeping up this blog. Lately, I thought the ten plagues were hitting me, and that's kept me away from my computer (plague 8: destruction of all electrical devices).. Alright, I really only have 1 plague, but it was enough(Dayenu)! I got pink eye...pretty embarrassing. I was waiting for lice next and my 4th grade teacher to send me out into the hall for misbehaving.. I didn't think anyone over 10 could get pink eye. It's a dirty little secret, but once it's out there, everyone admits to having had it!

But, back to running..I went to San Fran with my brother to see the sights, check out the coffee world out there, and to run! I did one great big jaunt. I kind of got lost (even toting a map), and ended up running for 1 1/2 hours up hills, down hills, up more hills! Wow that city is hilly! I ran right through downtown, up to the Presidio, across Nob Hill (wow! those are some nice mansions with a view!).

That was the only run I did in 4 days..Now I've got to catch up, so I'll be signing off now to run in the Park. G-d! I missed New York! Nothing like it!

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