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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hump Day in the Rain..Catching Up!

It wasn't supposed to rain today, however, when you gotta run, you gotta run, so I ran. And you know what? Running in the rain can be a beautiful experience! Mist coated my skin, landscape was romantic and soft. I pretended I was in Ireland. I thought about a pint of Guiness and a man with a lilt in his speech...ahhh!!

Anyway, I think November 11th is our best bet for Stone Barns. If anyone still is dying to go on the 20th of October, I'll be glad to make 2 trips..

What else? Fall may finally be here! Sleeping in on Saturdays is great! Marathon is right around the corner...

Which brings me to say that I'd love to form a group to stand in a spot in Brooklyn and cheer on our fellows who has the guts, stick-to-itive-ness, and incredible stubbornness to run 26.2 miles..IN A ROW!

Anyone who wants to join me in making signs, figure out a spot to hang...we can meet at JOE, grab some coffee, bagels, take the L train over to Bklyn.. Let's also get a list together of everyone we know who is running it.

Just throwing some ideas out there.


Steve Bookman said...

L train works for Marathon spectators - I always wonder how the 38 thousand
of us manage to gracefully flow into and past Bedford Avenue given how narrow that street always seems when stepping onto it from the subway.

Pooja said...

i'd love to go watch the marathon! lets do it!

Anonymous said...

want to make signs saturday after the run? We can meet at Joe day of the marathon at 9a.m., get some coffee and head to Brooklyn..?