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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just checkin' in

Hi Folks! Just realized I haven't written in a while. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I have been taken over by holiday madness! Not really...just looking for an excuse. Runs at Joe have been going very well! Lots of new runners as well as some consistent weekly turnouts by Chrissy, Erin, John(and Molly-Woof!), Elisabeth, Lori, etc..Weather's been cold and brisk and great for running!

Personally, I've been running about 4 times a week, as the weather permits. It makes me feel like a warrior out there in the cold battling the elements! Did they ever make warriors who stood 5' 1 3/4"? Yes, the 3/4 inch counts!

But life cannot be lived by runs alone. Let's talk movies. I saw some great ones lately and some less great, but still pretty entertaining ones.

Firstly, Great Ones: JUNO: Must see! Don't want to ruin the story, but you'll wish it was longer. DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY: Great, sad, beautiful, Julian Schnabel is a masterful director.

Secondly, less great: Darjeeling Express. I liked it better than his other films. Not a huge Wes Anderson fan, although I appreciate his style. I AM LEGEND: Scared the shit out of me! I didn't know it was about scary monsters! I was quaking in my $12 chair and alone! Yikes! Will Smith did a great job, though. If you like 'em scary, you'll love this film. I however must sleep alone, but that's another story all by itself!

Yadayadayada...does anybody read this blog anyway? IS ANYBODY THERE?????!!!!

OK, I'm signing off to go for a 10k run in central park on this fine foggy sunday. Just finishing digesting my organic buckwheat pancakes and my second cup of joe.

Over and out.

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