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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great to be back from Mexico!?

22 degrees and sunny! Almost like being in Playa del Carmen. Almost. I got back last night. Actually, there were no delays or turbulence. That never happens.

Mex was great! Just relaxed, ate, drank(I make the best margaritas..., anytime, just ask.), read, played scrabble and Yahtzee(more fun than it sounds), and ran a few times.

Having eaten nary a vegetable for a week(you know how I am about my kale, i.e. Souen brunches), I went home to make literally 4 plates of the stuff. Kale, carrots, a whole fennel bulb, a head of broccolini. I think I ate a week's worth. Ahhh....back on track!

So, our NYU Erin in gone - sigh! - to Paris, poor dear! She's right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower and munching on buttery croissants. She mentioned a couch to crash on..anyone? I plan on getting out there this spring.

John(...of John and Molly) is in a new play starting this week...called Tender. I'm planning on Wednesday night. I've pasted the playbill writeup with info on where and when, etc in the heading.

I hope this cold front, also known as winter, doesn't keep you all from running with me Saturday a.m. Stiff upper lip and dress warmly!

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