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Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday @ 23rd street

I can't believe did me wrong! It said rain all morning Saturday, and then not a drop of rain. In fact, it was the most beautiful day in past memory!I am very sorry if I let anyone down.

However, Kristine "The Hare" and I "The Tortoise" ran in Central Park and clocked 12.5 miles! Actually we were meant to run 10, but then "someone" (aka "The Hare") sped up for the last 2 miles and "The Tortiose" couldn't find her and ran an extra 2 1/2 miles looking for her. No names, though.

I am now totally inspired for the Brooklyn half marathon and possibly the NYC Marathon. Don't wish me "break a foot", because that's what I did last year!

Last Sunday, we had a great turnout to the Rain Day Run at Joe's new store on 23rd and 9th. We had newbies, Kieron from London, and Jessica from Pooja-land..i.e.Pooja's roommate. Everyone was showing off and stretching, which never really happens...

Anyway, cheers Mates! (I stole that from Anthony from the land of Vegemite Sandwiches.

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