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Monday, July 28, 2008

NIKE Half-Marathon 7/27/08

So, can we talk about yesterday? It started with a bang, and ended with a fizzle, at least for me. I had rested all day Saturday (after a light 5 mile jog), carbo-loaded 3 days in advance, got to bed early, stretched like crazy...and yet...

I started fast, running and dodging slower peeps (who were obviously in the wrong corral). I ran too fast till mile 6, when I hit a wall. It was slow and painful from there on out.

And what's the deal with the Age Graded time? Is that why I feel so tired out? Is it so amazing that a 35 year old should finish a race, that they actually take a couple minutes off one's time? Thanks, but no thanks!

Lysa Price: 2:46:26 Age Graded 2:45:01
Anthony Cheong: 2:04:16 Age Graded 2:03:20
Gabs: 2:01:37 Age Graded 2:00:07
Jen Jennings: 2:05:29 Age Graded 2:03:57
Pooja Pandit: 1:57:50 Age Graded 1:57:45

Who did I miss? I know Cecilia was out there, but I can't remember her last name! Sad Face! She ran by me and slapped me on the bee-hind! It was the most pleasant part of the race.


Pooja Pandit said...

You missed me! Anthony and I started together but I lost him around Times Square...I kept turning around but the ground was pretty uneven and I didn't want to fall!

I finished in 1:57:50, AG time 1:57:45!

Wish I could have seen you guys out there! Great job!

Gabby said...

Sorry Pooja! I guess my brain got a little fried yesterday! You did great!!!