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Saturday, January 24, 2009

California Dreaming

This is La Jolla Shores beach, where my family and I are staying for 2 weeks while waiting for "Baby Rubinstein" to be born. It is gorgeous, especially at sunset when I go running. The beach is about a mile long of densely packed sand, making running easy and nice on the joints. I watch dozens of surfers in wetsuits waiting for waves while I sweat it out to shuffle on my ipod. 

I looked up Coffee House Running Clubs in La Jolla and San Diego, but it turns out, we really are the only one! I did, however, find a 15K trail race February 1st that I plan to do. See link at the title above. I will keep you posted!

As for my new niece, I am already planning our Saturday runs together-she in the baby jogger, wearing her mini Team Joe t-shirt, leading the way! My brother already bought me the baby jogger as my "Baby Auntie" gift! I was so excited when he told me yesterday! It is the gift that gives back(to him). I have promised him every Saturday, from 8:30am-12:30pm, he is a free man forevermore!

Speaking of Team Joe, it seems that, though I am gone, people still came out today in NYC for a Team Joe run! I am so proud! 

Thinking of you all!

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