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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kryssie Kristine Houston Marathon

This is a photo of Kryssie and Kristine (and some other random new friend they met while running) after the Houston Marathon! Incredible! it's as if they didn't even run!

Kristine ran her first marathon yesterday in, get this, 3:28:11, coming in 7th in her age group(I'm not telling which one that is..)!!

Kryssie also ran her first Marathon in 3:32, coming in 5th in her age group!

I got a text yesterday directly after the race from Kristine, saying, "I feel perfect...".  It seems someone has discovered the runner's high. That's my Bumblebee!
Also a shout out to Phoenix(Holla!) where Ani Go and Mayumi ran together in 4:02! Teamwork, Ladies! Nice one!

Go Joe!

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