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Monday, July 13, 2009

Joe Picnic This Friday!

Listening to the NY Phil play Copland and Mahler while laying on the grass sipping Sauvignon Blanc and sampling runner cuisine is just about the best thing to do on a summer Friday evening in NYC. I know, because I've done it. Trust me on this.

This coming Friday, the music starts at 8pm, but a few of us brave Teamsters will be gathering on the lawn starting at 4:30 to stake out territory. We'll get as close as possible, but based on Shakespeare in the Park this year, we'll still be miles away. It's amazing what people will do for free stuff! (like run 6 miles for a $2 coffee...)

Anyway, this is a potluck, so bring your favorite dish. I'm thinking veggie lasagne, and I know there's a salad or two coming along, as well as some dessert. Bring wine, cheese, bread, whatever.

I already have plates and cutlery for up to 28 people, as well as cups that I'm stealing from work.

Call me when you get there to find us. 917-825-1654...although sometimes reception is poor with 30,000 other people also trying to find their friends. Good luck.


MaryT said...

Nathan Gunn is hot! Girls bring your binoculars!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabby,

Thanks for the beautiful cappuccino yesterday at Grand Central. I left a message for Jen at This Chick Bakes and would love to find a way to work together. Her cookies sound fab! I will keep you posted on the ongoing Sage American Kitchen revival. My daughter and I will look for your gang in the
park on Friday. Leslie