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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Catch Up

I apologize for my negligence with the blog of late, but as my friend Lysa said today, "could you have any more going on at once?" 

This has been my Autumn - the time we are supposed to start nesting for the winter, eating slow-cooked stews and having Twin Peaks marathons: 

a. looking for and finding a new apartment in brooklyn.
b. making wedding date for 6 months from now...and now starting to plan it. Who knew there are about 100 things to do to just take a short strut down the aisle?
c. making a big change at Joe (new coffee yesterday) which required many days and hours of training, studying, drinking of coffee. It's awesome, by the way!
d. trying, as always, to see my new niece Sally a few times a week.
e. trying to get in especially great shape for my wedding..did I mention my upcoming 6 months??!!

I feel like life goes a lot quicker the older I get. It needs to slow down! Whoa Nelly! Last New Year, I made a resolution, which I rarely do, to slow down, do less, just be a little bit. Have I had any success? 

Happily, it's been mostly great things filling up my time, so I really can't complain. 

Team member Mary Thorne is getting married on Marathon day in Mexico. Congrats Mary! Jen Jennings is in Georgia - The country - with Doctors Without Borders, and she's doing great, finding time to run, even with her 6 day work week. She plans to run the Paris Marathon in the Spring. 

Meanwhile, this is a running blog, so let's talk running.

I've been loving the weather, mostly, running about 4 times a week. I have just signed up for 2 races in December, the 10k and the 15k. I miss racing, and can't wait to start again! I also am excited about watching the Marathon. 

I hope to see some more of you now that the weather is getting cooler. I miss you!



Lysa P said...

You are too cute! And you NEVER slow down!

Owen said...

I know this is a shot in the dark, but is there any chance you are going to be open super early on Sunday for those of us who are schlepping to the 5:30 ferry for the marathon???

gabrielle said...

I dare say no...weekend sleep is sacred to sorry for my weakness