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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marathon Day!

One of my favorite days of the year. The others: Hallowe'en(the little munchkins in costume), Hanukkah (Latkes, Latkes, Latkes), Christmas(more like Christmas tree's a Jewish thing). 

Marathon Day!!! The energy in the air is unmistakable. Maybe it's more the stench of 30,000 sweaty bodies than an energy...but to me, those are 30,000 amazing sweaty people. Last year and in 2003, I was one of those people, and I can tell you (or maybe you could tell me) the challenge, the finish, the crowds, the 5 boroughs - all these things make up an amazing day. 

New York spectators are the most important thing to a runner, besides port-a-potties with tp, and this year we will be out there screaming our lungs out for the friends we know (Pooja, Viviana, Tod, Simon, Adam, Christopher Stephens...probably more that I can't remember...), and the friends we haven't met yet.

Here's where and when we will meet: 9 a.m. at Joe Waverly (Free Coffee), we'll take the F-train to 4th ave at 9th street and we will stand on the west side of the street there until 11/11:30.

There may be a pitstop in Chinatown for some dim sum, and then we will squeeze our way into the line at 5th avenue and 110th street, east side of the street from about 1/1:30.

I'm probably wearing running shoes in case I decide to run with someone we know in Brooklyn. 

See you Sunday...and Saturday, of course, for the regular Joe run! 

p.s. those of you interested in signing up for the NYC Triathlon, sign up starts at midnight November 1...I got ready October 31st at 11:59 pm and got in...20 minutes later it was sold out. That means there are a lot of keen and crazy people in the world...

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Christopher said...

This year, either in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the marathon, or just because they could, they have expanded the field to 40,000 runners. So, in other words, the race will be 33% more exciting than described above. I'm picking up my number tonight, so I'll have more to report later.