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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So, I broke my foot and had an axe to grind.

It may be that our brains don't get sharper as we age, but my knives sure do!

While I was not running last weekend, I was limping around my neighborhood when I came across this truck. It reminded me of the good old days - though those days were before my time - and I thought, hey! why not have my knives sharpened. So I did. End of story.

Just wanted to share.


EL said...

Hey Gabby,

Thought you might like this post from when Kathleen and I first arrived in NYC and I kept a blog...

Great post and nice to see you at the antic last weekend!

EL said...

Stupid Mac... I put the wrong link in. (Yes, I love zombie movies too).


EL said...

Hey Gabby,
It's spelled 'Eapen' (thanks for checking...) :)

I guess it isn't too far of a walk from zombies to knife sharpening.