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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great Minds...

So, Eapan(spell check please!), one of my runners, happens to have blogged about Bob's knife grinding service several years ago when he moved to Brooklyn! Check it out!

I had felt kind of sad for Bob as I walked by; he was tolling his bell, hoping for knives to sharpen. I thought, how can this man possibly make a living? Does anybody come out of their homes with knives at the sound of his forlorn bell? What does he charge $2, $3?! Poor dear!

Well, I ran (or hobbled) home and grabbed 5 Globals and went back out. I handed him my knives and offhand asked him how much he charged. $8 a knife. Ten minutes and $45 later...hmm...could it be that maybe I could have invested in a stone for $10 and probably used it for the rest of my life? That would be a yes.

However, I did get some solid advice from Bob: you can use a stone or a metal pike to sharpen your blades, but do not use one of the crazy thingamabobs that you stick your knifes into and pull. They leave chips in the knives.

Bob also complimented me on my Globals. Sharp knives, he said!

As Gordon Ramsey said - not to me directly, but on Hell's Kitchen - "Dull knives make dull chefs! Now F-off out of my kitchen!"

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