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Monday, March 5, 2012

Birth Prep Class

This past weekend, we had 10 fun-filled hours of everything that could go wrong in childbirth, why not to do an epidural and bodily-fluids 101. Great class. I was a bit stunned. Still not ready to go there, though I sure hope I will be in T minus 7 weeks. I will be using my marathon mantras to get through. Those include good old standards like "one more step, one more step", and "I can do this". If you have any other inspiring ones, please comment below.

I realized very quickly in the class that Anthony and I have done more reading and baby prep classes than, well, pretty much anyone we have ever met. If only I was so keen on studying in High School! We have taken a baby cpr class, a baby sleep class, now a 10 hour prep class.

Besides this, we have read 3 books on sleep, 3 books on daily and weekly pregnancy changes, Bringing Up Bebe, a book about how kids are brought up in France, and have all of our What to Expect the First Year, No Cry Discipline Solution, countless magazines, etc. I really shouldn't even admit all this.

From what I have heard, as soon as the baby is born, one forgets pretty much everything and goes into emergency mode. As long as it's filed away somewhere, I am hoping it will be retrieveable in the long run.

Speaking of running, of course, my first question to the midwife at the Birth Prep class was, when can I start running again after birth. For me, as with probably all of you, being a runner is more than about exercize. It's a part of us as needing certain friends and family around, having a bedtime routine...Luckily I am still able to enjoy my mind-clearing jogs at this stage.

With all the extra weight, I am surely feeling it in my feet when I run. Poor little things. To thank them for their extra hard work, I have ordered new Asics! It's the least I can do.

Please comment with some of your inspiring mantras for long runs, cuz that's what giving birth really is all about. Stamina, mind over matter, and gatorade.

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laila said...

Gabby,Having grown up going to marathons up and down the east coast, I will work on remembering some of the more inspirational mantras. In the meantime, it sounds like you and Anthony are doing everything right . ENJOY ! Heather