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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reuse Your Shoes with Nike

I started doing some research online trying to figure out where I could donate my old running shoes. I go through 3-4 a year and hate creating more trash. I found a few orgs that send their shoes to Africa, however, they've recently had problems with customs ans shipping..later in the year, I'd like to do a fund raiser for one of those groups...

Meanwhile, I searched and searched and found a reasonable thing to do which is to bring them all in to Niketown, where they grind up old runners(no cleats, no metal) and make floors for gyms and such. It seems like a great thing all around.

SO...what I'd like to propose is a shoe drive at Joe on Waverly. Let's see how this goes. Bring your old shoes by starting the Saturday after Labor Day and I'll collect them for a month and donate them. If that works, I might make Joe a dropoff point for the future.

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