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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mighty Hamptons Triathlon

So the Tri in Sag was pretty awesome! I went out there with my Mom, who is a great sport! I showed up at the beach on Sunday a.m. at 5:30. It was pitch dark and freezing cold! I put on my wetsuit - backwards - then put it on right and made my way to the water. The water was a good 15 degrees warmer than the air, and my numb feet started to thaw. I was in the second wave of people, and we swam into deep water and waited for the horn to begin. I've been told that there was lots of wind which slowed us down and the water was pretty choppy. Hands and feet kicked and splashed in every direction, making it hard to swim in a straight line, but eventually I made it to the end. My legs felt pretty good as I ran to my bike, pulling my wetsuit off on my way. There was major wetsuit rub on my neck which leaves a reminder of the good times for a week or two.

The bike portion of the race was pretty smooth. Unfortunately, I realized pretty quickly that my brakes were pressing in on my tires, slowing me down. I stopped to try and fix the problem, but had no idea what to do. I biked 25 miles riding my brakes and cursing the poor guys at SBR who tightened them for me.

Returning to the beach, I happily ditched the bike, sucked down a Vanilla Gu and took off on my best of all 3 sports: The Run! I passed people like crazy..people who had whizzed past me on their non-braking bikes. My legs felt fresh and bouncy! Maybe they were looking forward to Clam Sauce Spaghetti at Felice's in Amagansett (I know I was)!

I finished in 3:15:10. I finished NYC Tri in the same time, but with a 15 minute current induced shorter swim! I was pretty happy about the race.

Next time, with brakes worlds away from tires, I will kick some Long Island Ass!

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Pooja said...

Yay!!! Thats awesome! Congrats Gabby!