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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tune Your Run...

First, let me say that I'm so very honored to be invited to contribute to Gabby's Joe blog. This will in fact be the first time I haven't blogged anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

A delightful number of our number are professional singers... I'm producing an "emo rock musical"... Mariana and I went to the Met the other night... which got me thinking: when you're not running with Joe, what's your favorite running music?

According to a cool quiz in Runner's World last year, I'm a running "Purist." I'd have doubted that, but as last year's iPod outage inpsired me to train for the marathon entirely without music, no exceptions (not to mention my "no headphones in races" rant that my running buddies repeatedly put up with), I can see where being a purist comes into play.

And speaking of play (groan), the launch of the Nike+ system brought music back as this year's #1 training partner. Well, okay - a close second after all of you.

My favorite running songs are usually hip hop, maybe some kickass Yeah Yeah Yeahs or fast-paces Kylie thrown in. And yes, I have Hillary Duff and the theme song from Legally Blonde on there too.

A study suggested Vivaldi made for good runs. The NYRR insists on playing old rock songs at most races, though that changed a bit with Diddy running the city in '03. Rock n Roll marathons are in San Diego, Texas, and other cities. Our own marathon has bands almost every mile in Brooklyn and Nike races like Run Hit Wonder brought out Joan Jett, Mos Def, Everclear, and Devo. Which could be good or bad, depending.

So how about you? What songs/artists/genres make you run faster, further, with more rhythm? Add it to the comments below...

Gotta go - Justin Timberlake wants to know if he can join me for my hill workout.

To the limit,

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Gabby said...

Sweet! Great blog writing! I'm so glad you're a part of it! As for music, I am an obsessive White Stripes fan, but sometimes can be spotted listening to Loretta Lynn(Jack White connection), Raconteurs(Jack White connection..), Led Zeppelin, and Rush(Canada connection.) I mainly just need hard, messy sexy rock!