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Saturday, October 25, 2008

food disappointments...and yes, i do eat that!

staying in, nice and cozy on a damp and windy day...

2 food disappointments in the last couple of weeks:

1) after THE BIG 20-MILE RUN Gabs & i, a few of our friends, and my hubby, went out for dim sum. YAY!!! we went to one of the biggest restaurants (on elizabeth st.) in chinatown expecting to drown in a bountiful feast of dim sum as a reward for running. what wasnt expected was the frantic chasing down of dim sum carts in a dining room the size of a football field and the knocking down of little old chinese grandmas to get food. UGH. somehow our stomachs got filled and there was actually chicken feet to be found. FANTASTIC! what an ordeal. next time we go to my usual place off mott st.

2) i told all my friends about the wonderful hot chocolate that the four seasons serve to the runners at the terry fox 5k race as an incentive to get them to do the race with me. and this wasnt a lie, the spread they have is one of the best ive had in any race aside from the cow harbour 10k (there's beer for the finishers!!!). so what happens? no hot chocolate for the folks who waited to have it after they finished the race. who be the man? not me. who be the doofus? that'll be me. had to go shuffling to starbucks for hot chocolate later. sad.

part 2 of the dim sum episode...we went to the chinatown ice cream factory, and that was good. around the corner from there is a place that i like for some (acquired taste) asian desserts. like grass jelly. which i love. and yes, i bought that. and ate it! with a generous drizzle of sugar syrup. refreshing!

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Gabby said...

Ani Go! You are a great writer! I love reading your blog entries!