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Friday, October 24, 2008

marathon training and burnout...and food

it seems that in the last couple of weeks before the marathon, my friends and i are starting to show wear and tear from the weeks (and weeks and weeks...) of training. its time to taper, and we should be feeling good, but i got the worst cold right after my last 20miler with Gabs...and another 2 friends of mine are having ankle/shin/tendon issues. Di went to my sports dr and he diagnosed her with bursitis (! she asked...isnt that something old people get?! but no, its not). it seems to me that we actually need these weeks to recover from all the hard training, rather than resting up for a good race. maybe im just thinking that right now because im crabby that its 2:30am and im still up.

here is my contribution to the food section:

went there for lunch today! and here is somebody's review of it:

some of the comments are from folks who sound jaded and sour. accusations of others being "self righteous sheep" i think comes from someone who is insecure about their own taste. i just love food and trying new things. does that make me a sheep? or self righteous? why do i even care? enough of that!!!

time for bed. there will be more running this weekend and more food exploits all weekend long. and coffee. i love coffee! :)

(and Gabby. i love her too.)

1 comment:

Gabby said...

I agree with Ani..having some aches and pains! Maybe Marathon running is not so healthy! That's why this may well be my last! I'm all for going out with a bang (with my Anikins!)! As for the eating...ahhh...that's why I run! Ani, tell them about the dim sum (yum cha) episode!