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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Healthy Kidney Race

Great race today...once it stopped POURING rain down on our heads in a biblical manner.

Soggy, but very green was the park (Yoda..). I ran with Jen "Jenk", keeping pace in companionable silence. It was, as usual, awfully crowded. Someone please tell me something: How do those REALLY slow people always start in the 8 min/mile group and get away with it? I always get halfway through a race and start passing them. That means they had to have started up front! Who do they think they're fooling? It's like buying a skinny mirror; you look great in the mirror, but if you're fat, you're still fat, people!

Anyway, great race. Don't forget to sign up for Brooklyn. There will be more room to spread out and overtake slow people, which is great for your ego.

p.s click on the title for race results.

p.p.s I think it's sweet when couples race together (e.g. team newcomers Laura and Chris from London)..although I hear she runs faster and he follows from a distance, then zooms in at the end for the kill. Looks like today all was fair in love and running, as they finished together. awww..

2 comments: said...

i'll tell you a secret. if you cant beat them, join em. make your "estimated finish time" a minute or two faster than you actually think it will be. get a better starting corral. statistically speaking, 51% of runners already use this technique and they're jerks. but unfortunately all you can do is fight fire with fire!

check out my race wrap up at:

Pooja said...

Hey Gabby! So unfortunately my hamstring is acting up again :( Didn't want to chance it on the Harlem hills in the race today and not be able to do the Brooklyn! I'm all signed up for the half though with Dana (remember her??). Can't wait!

And great time for the healthy kidney! I move back to NYC in June - I'll be at all the runs then! Can't wait!