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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Team Joe Potluck Picnic/NY Philharmonic July 17th!

As I have gotten to know many new people through Team Joe (best thing I EVER did for myself socially was to start a team), I noticed a theme - one among many in always-interesting runners: Runners like to cook, eat, talk about cooking and eating, visualize eating to get through a tough race...hell, sometimes I will run 10 miles just so I can get down with some guilt-free dim sum afterward (By the way, that's happening in 2 Sundays..)!

I cannot yet vouch for the cooking skills of our team members, but based on conversation, Jeremy bakes homemade bread and just took a Raw Food class(stay near a bathroom), Caitlyn makes mean vegetarian food, Deb makes Indian food, and I do okay in the kitchen as well, although I have retired my pasta cranker and tend towards the Medium Speed Food Movement.

The point is this: It is time to test out our skills! We will celebrate the New York Philharmonic's first Central Park Concert with a wide array of Runner Cuisine! July 17th. Concert starts at 8pm, but I will be getting there around 4:30 to stake out a sweet spot. Not too far, but not so close as to be shushed all night.

Bring a dish. Bring some wine. Just bring it! I'll be making a list as you tell me what you'll be bring. Store-bought is fine too...

I am bringing a bottle of Cab Franc, some quinoa-tabbouleh salad, and my famous bruschetta.

What are you bringing?

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