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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee + Running = Love and Better Running

Okay, the Coffee and Love thing may be b.s, although I met my fiance while running in the coffee house team...but, for those of you who missed
this article last year, click on the link to read about how coffee (caffeine, really), improves your workout.

Here's a small snippet:

"Exercise physiologists have studied caffeine’s effects in nearly every iteration: Does it help sprinters? Marathon runners? Cyclists? Rowers? Swimmers? Athletes whose sports involve stopping and starting like tennis players? The answers are yes and yes and yes and yes".

I know some people are wary about drinking coffee before a run. Maybe they will need to "use the bathroom", or have stomach cramps. My advice to them, drink some coffee early enough to digest and have to "use the bathroom" before your run. Anyone who runs races, especially long ones, knows that you must "expell" before the race starts. Once you've done a couple dozen races, you will no longer be squeamish about talking or reading about expelling. I apologize to those who haven't gotten to that point and are squeamish now, reading this...

The point is this: get the benefits of the caffeine AND the quick expellation (Not a word, I know), and then have the Best Run Of Your Life. Especially when I am offering it you free at the Team Joe runs (no pun intended) every weekend.


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