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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heaven Is NYC Today!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love this weather. It's currently 63 degrees and sunny. It hardly gets better for running weather. I went today and yesterday, and will try to run every single nice day. Based on the forecast, my next day of rest will be next Monday.

I may have to break out my running shorts tomorrow. I hope people will forgive my pasty swarthy skin tone and all the black and blue spots on my legs: I tend to walk into furniture.

This weather makes me sign up for too many races. So far, I am in for the Scotland 10K April 3rd, The Healthy Kidney 10K May 15th, and the Brooklyn Half May 22nd.

I know, I know....I promised last year that I would NEVER ever run the Brooklyn half again. I also said it the year before when I ran it. I guess I am an oath breaker....

oh well..

1 comment:

ani said...

how about another marathon since youre breaking oaths, then? :)