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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Half-Marathon Times

Joe is a non-competitive running club. We don't judge people based on time, endurance or gear. We generally don't like those people. However, I must brag just a bit about "my" runners. They kicked concrete last sunday in the NYC Half-Marathon.

Before I reveal their names and times, let me preface by telling you that a) I have run this two times before, and b) it was so hard and unpleasant I vowed there would be no repeat performance.

And now, the names:

Mary Thorne, running an 8:13 pace, came in at 1:47:31
Chris Gwiliam, running an 8:10 pace, came in at 1:46:51..(by the way, his first half-marathon.)
Simon Bird, running an 8:50 pace, came in at 1:55:37


Now back to being non-competitive, non-gear-heady runners...

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