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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crider In Kenya

Adam Crider was a great Joe customer. Anthony and I used to see him in the mornings at Waverly on his and our way to work. We'd also see him later at Grand Central Joe for his late-afternoon break. Always happy, always friendly, always caffeinated.

Adam is a fast fast runner. In spirit he was always Team Joe. He received the weekly newsletter and we talked about running. I believe he even read my blog. Sadly, Adam never did make it out for a run with Team Joe.

No, Adam is not deceased; he is in Kenya with The Peace Corps for the next 2 years! A lifelong dream for him, now realized after years of wearing a suit and tie and working in mid-town.

I always wanted to join the Corps myself, but if I ever do, it will be as a retired person. I'll be one of those cool, funky older women with a long white poneytail, hiking shoes and knee length khakis running up mountains faster than women half my age.

Since that number on my bucket list may never happen for me, and since maybe you, oh readers, also wanted to join the Peace Corps, the Circus or be a Cowboy, now you have the amazing opportunity of reading the blog of someone who had the guts, and no strings, to pull it off.

Cowboy-hats and clown-noses off to you, Crider! I'll be following your blog for the next 2 years as you learn the local language, run in the Kenyan hills, tend to menopausal chickens and have the most amazing time doing good.



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