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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Run and Micro-Loan!

I am running in the following race. Lysa Price volunteers with this organization, and it's pretty awesome. Micro-lending is such an amazing way to fix the world, one entrepreneur at a time.

The Kiva New York Team is a team of lenders that are on Kiva, an organization that connects people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. Each of their loans, when added up, can make a huge difference. As of 2010, Kiva has facilitated loans totaling more than $100 million - all through peer-to-peer loans. The beauty of Kiva is that once the loans are repaid, each lender has the choice to reinvest that money or remove their funds from

Join them in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York for our first everRun4Kiva 5Kon Sunday, August 29th at 10:00am, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Road Runners Club. Sign up here:

All proceeds go to support Kiva entrepreneurs through the non-withdrawable New York Team Fund. Any question - talk to us

Only $20 to sign up now.

For every non-
Kiva lender that signs up, a loan will be made in your honor by one of our lenders, Vin Vajjhala, to the New York team on This supporting more entrepreneurs around the world and empowering them to get out of poverty. Sign up today:

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Tevia said...

Hi all! I'm new to the group (one of the Asics mentioned in Christopher's post above). I signed up for the Kiva race as a virtual runner, and intend to sport my race number and tshirt during Sunday's run from the UWS Joe's location. If anyone wants to do the same, I'll feel a lot less ridiculous and you are still supporting a great cause!