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Thursday, July 15, 2010

NYC Triathlon This Sunday!

And no, I am not doing it this year. For those of you who missed last year's little misadventure, here's what all happened.

I was kicking asphalt on the swim and the bike ride, UNTIL the ride back from "All The Way Uptown Past The Bridge and Toll" and was just telling some young woman I had heard her tire blow, when lo and behold, MY tire blew! In fact, tires were biting the dust right, left and center! This is a NYC highway folks! There's glass everywhere!

I can only blame myself in the fact that I never learned how to change the inner tube on my tire. So, an hour and a half after being stranded, the emergency tire-changing vehicle came to my rescue and I was able to finish the race. Very much last.

My poor boyfriend(at the time, now husband) was freaking out because I had no phone to call him. My friends had left. It was not good.

Of course at the end of the race, the good cheer returned for me, as it does with the post-exercise high, and I almost forgot al the pain and suffering. ALMOST. I remembered as I was about to sign up yet again on the eve of November first of last year.

So, this weekend, if you want to see the drama, the love, the sweat, blood and tears, go root for the men and women who swim, bike and run like hell to prove themselves to themselves.

72nd street between the river and the park is the best place to cheer the last leg of the tri on.

1 comment:

ani said...

i'll be doing run leg for relay again! :)