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Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally got it right

I haven't tried the ENSURE method to nutrition before long runs, but I really have figured out how to feel great during and after long runs. It's so easy I can't believe I had to suffer for so long before coming to this conclusion. I have to thank again, Lee at Jackrabbit Sports. He is the one who told me that the digestion stops after a while of running. So what I have been doing is having almost no solid food. Just a banana, some water and coffee. Then after an hour or so of running, having a gel, gu or shockblocks gets me through. 

Afterwards, I also waited a good while to eat solid food. I had some more water, some sports drink, a shower and then an hour later, a meal. 

The next day I felt not at all sore, no indigestion, nothing! Yay!
So, my latest long run was Saturday. My fellow marathon trainee, Ani,  picked me up at home in midtown and we run down 6th avenue to Joe Waverly to pick up our fellow runners for our usual 6 miles. We had a beautiful run down and back and then Ani, Kristine (who's not training, just crazy) and I ran down the closed-to-cars Lafayette, over the Brooklyn Bridge and back to Waverly for a gorgeous 14 miles! 

Afterwards, Ani felt compelled to get a Beard Papa creampuff and we took a few minutes to wind down while checking out guitars at the famous Matt Umanov guitars on Bleeker street.

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