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Monday, August 11, 2008

Yesterday's long run and recup

So, I haven't really officially announced it, but I am planning on running the Marathon in November. Basically, I will train for it, but will be ready to step down if injured. Last year, I had a stress fracture in my right metatarsal in June, so I am doing better already!

So far, I've run some 10's, 12's, 2 half-Marathons, and 2 13.5-14 milers, including yesterday's  2hr & 11 minutes run. 

Yesterday's run was the most successful so far in that I felt well afterward digestively. I had been having stomach upset for the full day of the run and didn't understand why until...

I spoke to Lee who owns Jackrabbit Sports, my fave place to buy shoes. He comes to Joe(mutual appreciation society), and when I told him about my indigestion, he told me that 1)The digestive system basically shuts down after a certain amount of time of exercize, and that 2)The best thing to do is to drink one's caloric intake with something like ENSURE, which has lots of calories, but is easy to digest. Also, he said not to eat a lot afterward, but drink liquids for a while afterward, until the digestive system starts up again. 

Okay, admittedly I did NOT drink ENSURE, but will try that next weekend. I had a whole grain bagel with PB &J and a banana, and then waited an hour or so. I had a Vanilla gel after about 7 miles, stopped a few times for water, and walked after the run was over to cool down. I drank a coconut water that has lots of electrolyte. Yum!

I did not eat solid food until dinner, but made a delicious smoothie at home. Want the recipe?

8 ounces lowfat or skim milk
4 tablespoons fat free yogurt
2 Medjool dates, pitted
1/2 cup frozen berries(I used Raspberries)

Today, I feel great! Not even a little sore, although I didn't move from my couch the rest of the day, except to finally eat dinner, which was my favorite: Salad Nicoise! Want to recipe?

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