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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday's gorgeous run!

It was one of those rare moments in life when you realize you are seeing something rare and just by chance. It reminds you why you love to run, why you love to be alive!

Yesterday evening I went for a run. I wasn't particularly happy about the prospect of banging my bones on the hard cement after a long day at Grand Central Terminal working at Joe and dealing with (mostly nice, but sometimes "trying") customers. I just knew if I didn't get my run in, my day would not be complete, nor would my weekly mileage.

It had been a lovely day, mostly sunny, but when I got to the park, it started to get very cloudy. The sky was heavy with storm clouds as I run up the east side, and when I turned into the 103rd street transverse, it started to sprinkle. Only fantasizing a little about the chances of lightening striking me down, the long-term effects of being hit by lightening, and how that's just the type of thing that would happen to me, in lieu of, say, winning the lottery, I rounded the corner to the east side.

The rain got heavier, but felt great. It made me feel like some kind of warrior, braving the elements, and as runners passed by in the other direction, we exchanged knowing smiles, acknowledging our shared adventure run.

As I neared 72nd street, I saw the sun shining from the west, lighting up each individual raindrop like a crystal. Then I saw it: The biggest, baddest rainbow I have ever seen. The ONLY rainbow I have ever seen in all my 13 years in this gray, colorless town.

It was a moment I hope I will always remember. It was a moment that will inspire many more runs in all weather.



Steve Bookman said...

This is a really lovely essay.

Anonymous said...

I saw that rainbow too! It was sick!

-Lee M